We are Dale and Joann Dietrich, former ranchers from McLaughlin,SD.
We both grew up in north central South Dakota,
we met in high school and after graduation in 1965 we were married.
Since we were from different denominations , we each attended our own church,
this was fine until we had children.
Being ranchers and living twenty-five miles from town and with little ones,
it became very difficult to attend separate churches.
After our third child was born, I ( Joann ) became a member of Daleís denomination.
All was fine with us,or so we thought,
we attended church every Sunday and did all the right things!

We had no clue what being born again was all about!

But the Lord changed all that!

In the fall of 1986 God started a marvelous work in our lives.
The Lord put a desire in our hearts to read the Bible
and through reading of His Word ,
The Holy Spirit showed us our sinful nature and the need of a Savior,
which God had provided in Jesus Christ.
One day while sitting around our kitchen table,
we asked Jesus to be our personal Savior
believing that His sacrifice on the cross fully paid
the penalty of our sin.
That day we were born again by the power of the Holy Spirit into the family of God.

Our lives havenít been the same since!
We owned and operated our cattle ranch in the McLaughlin SD area for 28 years.
In the fall of 1992, We sold our ranch.
yes, we sold it all! in order to follow the call of the Lord to enter the mission field.

The Last Round Up
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In 1993 we started working with an interdenominational Christian group
with missions in the Philippine Islands.
We worked with this organization for two years and during this time
I (Dale) completed my biblical studies and was ordained a minister of the gospel.

( I traded my horse, saddle and rope for a Bible)

The Lord called us to serve in Mexico and after language studies in McAllen, TX,
we left for Cd Valles in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
We worked with the indigenous people in the mountains for 1 1/2 years.
After being oriented to the culture of the area,
we were called to Rioverde a rural agricultural town in the same state.

We are presently planting two churches,
teaching and preaching the Word of God
through Sunday morning Sunday School for adults and children,
Sunday morning worship service, Bible studies,
discipleship training, door to door evangelizing,
Christian videos for adults and children
and Childrenís Bible clubs. We have been in Rioverde, S.L.P. Mexico since 1997.


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